Order Wuzzi Alert® fast and easy.

For whom is the mobile alarm of Wuzzi Alert®?

The mobile alarm of Wuzzi Alert is for people who are looking for safety and freedom.

That can be both inside or outside. The mobile alarm of Wuzzi Alert works everywhere. Wuzzi Alert gives a safe and secure feeling. It does not matter whether you are at home or in the garden. Whether you are walking, do sports, walking the dog or cycling in the countryside. With the mobile alarm of Wuzzi Alert you are always and everywhere safe!

User experiences

Mrs. Driessen 54 years old, I feel save again, everywhere.

Since my husband died, I did not always feel save anymore, especially not outside. My friend alerted me of Wuzzi Alert. After I requested information, I just ordered it and started to use Wuzzi Alert. Till today I am so happy about it. I feel much more secure and go out on a regular basis again.

Mr. Renkema 41 years old, I still can do anything.

Out of nowhere I got epilepsy. That changed both our lives tremendously. Since my last fall, my wife is not longer assured. She went to the homecare shop and came back with the mobile device of Wuzzi Alert. That seemed to work for both of us, very simple to us but also effective. With one push on the button my wife knows where I am and if necessary can come and get me.

Mrs. Smit 76 years old, It gives me and my children a lot of peace.

I am still very active and often on the road, but sometimes I forget things. Therefore my children have consulted my Buurtzorg home care team to see what's best for me. They came with the idea of the mobile SOS button, this mobile alarm works everywhere I go. I can go wherever I wantbut my children are reassured.